Latest release news

22nd September 2023 - Today following extensive testing we are increasing the maximum Vault size from 20 GB to 50 GB. We will be further increasing the maximum Vault size up to 100GB in the near future after running more stability tests.

14th September - Today we release the Desktop Vault Backup software for MAC, this makes it easy to backup the contents of a Vault to a local desktop computer. To learn how to use the Desktop Backup client click here. To Download the Desktop Backup Client click here.

9th August 2023 - Today we release our encrypted key file 100% secure confidential message and file delivery technology.

As an Encrypted Work user you now have access to the most secure mail delivery system in the world today, a bold claim but one we stand behind.

How does it work? - when you compose a message select the option labelled “Highly Confidential files included - require encrypted key to open” when the message is sent the message and any attached files are double encrypted with a secret key. The secret key file is itself then encrypted and emailed to the recipient.

The message is now encrypted with the most powerful encryption available and can ONLY be decrypted by the encrypted key file which was sent to the recipient - the key is not stored anywhere, no backup - therefore the message can ONLY ever be decrypted and read by the intended recipient when the key file they have is matched to the correct message.

No other system provides this level of security when sending confidential files to a recipient no matter if they are within or outside your organisation.

17th July 2023 - Encrypted Work Affiliate Program 30% commission for life

We are excited to announce our Affiliate program is now live, to access the program sign into Encrypted Work and select Admin / Affiliate program or click the link below:

We like to keep things simple so here is how the program works:

1: Share your Affiliate link with people and organisations that would benefit from using Encrypted Work

2: We will pay you a 30% commission as long as that customer remains a paying subscriber to the Encrypted Work service.

You will be paid via Paypal to the email address you use with Encrypted Work, we will send you a monthly statement detailing your earnings.

Your Affiliate page lists all companies that have signed up using your Affiliate link and the status and total number of licences purchased.

Many thanks,

The Encrypted Work Team

28th June 2023 Remove and insert Vault keys

Encrypted Work employs our industry-first double-blind encryption technology, today we have taken our security measures to an even higher level with our Vault key removal technology.

As a Vault owner, you can remove the primary encryption keys from a Vault by clicking the “Remove Keys” option in the left-hand menu, the encryption keys will be exported and stored in a special Vault called the “Secure Key Store”. 

The keys can be left in the Secure Key Store or downloaded, deleted, and stored elsewhere providing impenetrable ultimate security. When access to the files is required the Vault owner clicks the “Insert Keys” option in the left-hand menu - this loads the encryption keys back into the Vault thus enabling decryption within the Vault once again.

If you previously downloaded, and deleted the key from the key store for added security you simply upload the key file back to your Secure Key Store before clicking the “Insert Keys” option in the left-hand menu of the Vault you are re-enabling.

8th June 2023 - Today we have added folder upload to Vaults, to access the feature open a Vault and click Add Files you will see an option to upload a folder as well as regular file uploads.

5th June 2023 - Today we launch our new hyper-secure double-blind AES Encryption Technology.

Double-blind AES Encryption Technology adds a second layer of AES Encryption to files stored in Vaults, the first encryption pass encrypts the file with a key only accessible to you as the file owner, and the second pass encrypts the file with your company key.

You will notice that files uploaded to Vaults will automatically have a .encrypted file extension added to them. You can also select the actions menu on a file within a vault and choose to encrypt or decrypt it in place - this will add or remove the first level of encryption from the file.

30th May 2023

Today we release the BETA Version of the MAC OS sync client for more information please see

1st March 2023

Our company ethos has been and always will be one of continuous improvement.

As we move forward we are making major changes to our secure vault storage. This is to enable us to implement an industry-first double-blind encryption technology, launch our Desktop Sync Client and is necessary so we can offer both Google Cloud storage and AWS storage options as our technology matures.

To implement these changes it is necessary to remove the existing storage back end for Vaults, as such please ensure you download all files you wish to keep from your vaults by 3rd April 2023 to a local device, this is when we plan to implement the upgrade.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but as they say, you can't bake a cake without breaking a few eggs.

Following the upgrade, please delete your old vaults, create new Vaults then re-upload your files.

We really appreciate your cooperation in this upgrade.

17th October 2022 - Vaults - Cascading access control to subfolders

When you give access to another user in any vault or folder all subfolders will automatically pick up the new access control security setting

When Vaults and folders are shared with another user their Shared Vaults view now displays the top folder from any shared vault improving usability

30th September 2022 - File viewer implemented for public shares

20th September 2022 - File viewer implemented for non-registered users viewing an encrypted email

9th September 2022 - reply to encrypted emails without registering for an Encrypted Work account.

5th July 2022 - upgrade to public sharing Vaults, when you create a public share for a vault all subfolders and files are automatically shared with public access.

20th June 2022 our latest release provides the ability to link File Drop Pages to a shared vault, this means you can link any of your File Drop Pages to a shared vault so all group members receive access to uploaded files and messages. To enable this option edit your File Drop Page and click the "Add Vault Connection" button, you will see your private Vaults and any Vaults that are shared with you.

This release also adds the ability to set an expiry date for encrypted emails, from today you can set the expiry date for encrypted emails - when composing an email select how long the email will be available for, options range from “Expires as soon as the message is read and files downloaded” to expires after 1, 2 up to 14 days.