At Encrypted Work - Our mission is to provide the only solution businesses need to protect vital data communications and storage ensuring data is encrypted and secure without getting in the way of what you do best, running your business.

Everything we do is driven by the goal to create the most secure and easy-to-use software available, we want our solutions to make our end users as passionate about our software as we are.

We live in an uncertain world, ensuring the security of data when working with clients and partners has never been more important.

Our solutions utilise zero knowledge cutting edge encryption technology - meaning only you as the data owner have access to your files and documents, think of an end to end encrypted private Dropbox that only you as the owner can ever access.

Moving forward we are bringing this technology to any size business via a hosted Software as a Solution model.

We provide a turn-key hosted solution that instantly places a ring of encryption around all data handling and storage activities with our all encompassing "Encrypted Work" solution - comprising Encrypted Email, file transfer and storage in one integrated solution.

We love watching Encrypted Work transform the way organizations work.

Based in the UK the team behind Encrypted Work have a huge amount of experience building security first software solutions.

We believe that the security and privacy of your data are not just features, but are now an essential requirement for all businesses.